ELDR – Deer Skin

ELDR is the brainchild of award-winning film composer Marina Elderton. She releases her new single, Deer Skin. It’s epic in terms of sound, but never gets too tense, since things stay on the pop / indie electronica side. Plucked textures dance against the rain, while being silhouetted by hypnotic beats. A swirling guitar attempts to bring sunshine to its place. The vocals make waves.

Deer Skin depicts what it’s like to live in a coercive, psychologically abusive relationship. The lyrics are based on personal experiences. ELDR was really battling to break free. Love and fear coexisted in her thoughts, and that’s not a healthy mixture. Fortunately, she can now speak about the things that occurred.

The accompanying music video reveals themes of abuse, coercion, subjugation, and racism through a bold photographic movement piece. Shot on grainy black and white film in an abandoned church, the story is told through a dance that reenacts a hunt.

ELDR continues to compel fans with her music that doesn’t sugarcoat the truth. Deer Skin brings another fascinating addition to the artist’s already diverse catalog. Start listening below!

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