Madame Psyhchosis create energising alt rock

Deep in the heart of Totonto, Canada, alt rockers Madame Psychosis are bringing Mental Health Awareness Month to the forefront of their energising rock music. 

Comprising of Michelle Mondesir (Lyrics, vocals, keys), Jaina Tharakan (Drums and backing vocals), Bret McCaffrey (Guitar), Paul Silvestri (Guitar) and Giovanni Paola (Bass), the band has been growing a steady presence in the city’s thriving music scene for nearly a decade.

With some national TV appearances, major festival performances and two albums under their belts, Madame Psychosis are back with latest single ‘Charlie’s Story’. The electrifying anthem is a narrative-driven song full of emotional intensity. It’s a story of twisting and winding musical segments that unfolds into an entourage of super catchy guitars in the chorus. 

Firmly rooted in their alt rock sound, ‘Charlie’s Story’ is a raw and high-octane song with a serious subject at heart. Through vivid storytelling focused on two characters, Charlie and his wife Betty, the song confronts themes of self-harm, desperation, and the profound impact on loved ones.

“It was important for me to showcase the fact that we are all susceptible to mental health issues based on any number of factors, in this case loss,” says Michelle Mondesir. “Mental health is as important as any other aspect of human health and it is important that we start to appreciate this and reduce the stigma surrounding it so that when issues arise they can be addressed without shame or worry about how one will be treated.”

Madame Psychosis are well-known for their dynamic sound and socially relevant themes which ‘Charlie’s Story” is no different. The single is a testament to the band’s ability to blend gritty, high energy rock with socially conscious lyrics. 

They have crafted a unique sound hat blends several genres, and are gaining a bigger, loyal fanbase with every release. Why not catch them at NXNE on June 12th and Toronto Pride on June 28th. 

Featured image by Lynsey Walker

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