Morgan Guerin – Tales of The Facade (Album)

Put Tales Of The Facade, Morgan Guerin’s latest album, into one expression is an impossible task. He explores the world of creativity at great length. Everywhere you turn there’s something you didn’t expect. Morgan is a true believer in doing things differently. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that he’s signed to the legendary Candid Records.

Retopia kicks off Tales Of The Facade with dreamy tones that turn the arrangement upside down from the outset. Jazzy keys flutter into the production like snowflakes. Delayed Green has smooth electronics en route to Mars. Silhouette is chock full of various sonics that jump around one another.

Pyramid emphasizes catchiness over complexity. The vocals on We Are More work, and in a style sense, they’re similar to ROSALIA’s during the intro. Peace Of Mind is marked by slick drum patterns. With Ginger Ale, Morgan raises the sax to the sky. I love the bassline during Day By Day, as I find it to be so enticing.

Pen And Paper is well-textured, with synths weighing in. Infinity feels soulful, embodying inventiveness. Something In The Air exudes euphoria in every way, and contrasts beautifully with the less outspoken Home and Heroine.

Morgan deserves many compliments for the work he did. Putting Tales Of The Facade is a project that will be talked about. Start listening below!

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