Yukon Gold! The Dark Fruits Perform “Marianna”

Hailing from the Yukon territories of the Great White North, The Dark Fruits are your new favorite indie rock trio. A power trio of seasoned rock roll vets, you may ask why they’d name themselves “The Dark Fruits”, but they have their reasons…

Because, like a brown banana is perfect for banana bread, they believe that people, and even indie rock bands, can get better with age. They are here to prove that music isn’t just for the young; it’s for anyone who has something to say and a melody to share. The result is a sophomore album that invites you deeper into their story and, just maybe, a bit of yours too.

The sophomore album in question is Warm Weather Starter Pack, which has sprung a few great singles thus far – not to mention being a fantastic album front to back. Their first single from the album, “Florida” was met with great acclaim (and the linked music video is definitely worth your time), but their second single, “Marianna” is this particular fan’s favorite on the album. They released a great video of them performing the song live in studio (below).

The full album is available now on Spotify and all the other major platforms. You can also find all of their links and information at thedarkfruits.com.

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