Ants on a Log to Release Groundbreaking Album ‘Rainbow Seekers’

Philadelphia, April 15, 2024 – Ants on a Log, the dynamic trio known for their inclusive and empowering children’s music, will release their highly anticipated album Rainbow Seekers on May 31, 2024. This new album, crafted by trans and nonbinary music therapists Julie Be and Miles Crabtree, joyfully invites children to explore identity and self-expression, with a special focus on uplifting trans and queer families.

A Soundtrack for Inclusivity and Exploration

Rainbow Seekers features eight original tracks that blend humor and harmony to introduce young listeners to gender-expansiveness. The songs deliver relevant language and concepts that are vital for queer families while also promoting universal messages of self-expression and inclusion. Nonbinary pronouns are seamlessly integrated in a playful and accessible manner, making the album an invaluable resource for modeling pronoun fluency. This ensures that children are equipped to respect and understand the pronouns of their nonbinary peers.

Highlight Tracks and Themes

One of the standout tracks, the lullaby “Moppa,” provides creative answers to what kids can call their nonbinary parents, suggesting names like Moppa, Baba, Zeze, Renny, and Maddy. Another highlight, “The History of Blue and Pink,” is a melodic hip hop track featuring Grammy winners Alphabet Rockers, which delves into the origins of blue and pink as gendered colors. The album also incorporates words like gender, nonbinary, and niblings (a gender-neutral term for relatives) into its lyrics, normalizing queer language and modeling its usage.

The upbeat jazz tune “My Suspenders” showcases the voices of trans and nonbinary children as they share what clothing makes them feel most like themselves. Overall, Rainbow Seekers creates a universe where every child, regardless of gender identity, can freely explore their hairstyles, clothing, and favorite activities.

Celebrating Identity on Tour

To celebrate the album’s release, Ants on a Log will embark on a June Pride Month Tour, performing at venues such as Philly’s Please Touch Museum and Parkway Central Library, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, and various locations across New England. These performances will give children the opportunity to see queer adults thriving and joyfully celebrating their identities on stage.

Creating Impact Beyond the Music

In addition to the album, Ants on a Log has developed an interactive family musical titled Rainbow Seekers: A Pride Show for Everyone. This musical allows children to learn Rainbow Seeker Superpowers, focusing on self-expression, social-emotional skills, and community building. After the show, kids can practice their superpowers at multi-sensory activity stations, helping them to integrate their new skills within a community setting.

A Legacy of Support for Gender-Expansive Youth

Rainbow Seekers builds on Ants on a Log’s decade-long commitment to producing music that supports gender-expansive youth. The album includes a new version of “They’re My Best Friend,” the first song on national radio to use exclusively nonbinary pronouns, initially released on the 2020 Trans & Nonbinary Kids Mix.

Julie Be emphasizes the importance of representation, stating, “When I see a nonbinary artist on stage or on TV, it feels validating–and I know that kids need that experience even more than adults.” Miles Crabtree adds, “When we perform, kids get to see a rare example of queer adults on stage, thriving and joyfully celebrating our identities.”

Collaborative and Community-Focused

The album features a collaborative cast of guest artists, including pop-punk musicians Fureigh (the Shondes/the Homobiles/Middle-Aged Queers), Evan Greer, and family music band Strawbitty Yops. These contributions enhance the album’s message of inclusivity and community support.

Rainbow Seekers is more than just an album; it is a celebration of identity, a resource for education, and a beacon of joy and inclusion for children and families everywhere.

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Written by Ryan Cassata 

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