Kristina Rossi’s “Rings of Saturn”: A Dark-Pop Journey of Self-Discovery and Empowerment

Kristina Rossi, the dark-pop indie sensation, is captivating music fans with her new EP “Rings of Saturn” which dropped just two days ago, on May 24th. This eagerly awaited release features five deeply emotive tracks that delve into self-discovery, empowerment, and resilience. Among them are two captivating previously unreleased songs, “Rings of Saturn” and “Bittersweet.”

“Rings of Saturn” is a brilliant start to the EP. Kristina Rossi self-produced this stunning track that metaphorically explores the insecurities of becoming the main character in one’s own life. It’s all about owning her talents and bringing them to the center stage. The production and instrumentation selection is quite stand-out. There are huge sounding synths that will blow your mind. There’s also great use of distorted electric guitars. This is a great introduction to the EP because it makes you want to dive in deeper to her sound. Luckily, there are four more tracks to hear next!

“Think About You”, a song written about the end of a relationship, starts off slowly, featuring an emotive vocal, low-toned synths, light percussion and a piano. The song builds slowly, pulling the listener in. Drums don’t hit until the 40-second mark, where the song’s hook lies. The hook is memorable and will surely get stuck in your head. This song has a dark feel to it that feels quite sensual.

“Bittersweet,” is the next track on the EP, co-written by Rossi, Miriam Kristoffersen, and Peter Von Arbin, this track is all about toxic relationships and negative energy. In the lyrics comes a sense of empowerment, it’s time to rise above the negativity and break free from the chains of the toxic relationship. There is only so much one person can stand when faced with such negativity. This song features heavy synths and great backing vocals.

The next song feels refreshing on the record. “Off Limits” leans more Top 40 radio pop than it does dark-pop, giving the record another sound. This song went viral on TikTok and was featured on Spotify’s editorial playlist “Goosebumps.” The song is about wanting someone who is not yet available because they are in another relationship. “Off Limits” has a very catchy hook section.

The last song on the EP is a fan-favorite called “Borderline.” This song has a quicker pace and leans between the dark pop sound and euphoric pop sound. It’s a great fusion of the genres that Kristina Rossi does so well. Her talents remain strong on this finale track. From the verses to the choruses, this song remains very catchy, with unique sounding melodies and excellent production.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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