My Gravity Girls Release First EP in Four-Part Series

From Parma, Italy, My Gravity Girls are out with their genre-defying, coming-of-age EP, “Silly.” This EP is the first in their four-part series titled “Silly, Dizzy, Guilty, Joy,” which will ultimately comprise more than a full album’s worth of music. My Gravity Girls sure know how to push the envelope and break boundaries. This EP strategy is unique, and we haven’t seen it being done often, but it seems like it will work very well with the modern day algorithms of social media and streaming platforms. Rock the Pigeon is eager to see how it pans out!

“Silly” features 4 stand out tracks, totaling to just over 13 minutes of music, seamlessly blending the genres of electronic dance music, indie-rock, alternative. The EP immediately pulls listeners in from the first few seconds of track 1, a self-titled song, because of the attention-grabbing drums and electric keyboards. The drums are pounding quickly, demanding the listener’s undivided attention. Something mind-blowing is about to unfold. The vocals come in, unveiling a somber tone and unique voice that begs to be heard. This song borrows production and instrumentation inspiration from 80s electronic dance music, specifically by its drum beat and brave use of vintage synthesizers. This lyrically dark song is all about loss, addiction, and obsession and uses color symbolism while describing the feelings of losing one’s mind. “Silly” is the perfect song choice to kick off the EP.

One song flows seamlessly into the next. After a remarkable transition, we hear “Crosslines.” On top of a bed of synth pads, a vulnerable poem unfolds, showcasing another side of My Gravity Girls. The lead vocalist opens up about their story and emotions, going back to rough times when he was just twenty years old. Without holding back, he speaks about feeling lost and frustrated, grappling with his emotions, losing all of his friends, and dealing with too many toxic feelings to handle. The synthesizers build throughout the track and at the song’s halfway-through mark, drums kick in to create a wall of buzzing synth sounds, giving the listener the feeling of taking flight. It’s a very epic feel that listeners will want to return to again and again. The singing section of the song happens at the 2 minute and 30 second mark, but serves as a great hook, bringing a sense of hope to the listener. The listener can tell that the character in the song has grown a lot since he experienced the negative emotions he felt at 20. We are rooting for this character by now.

If you aren’t convinced enough to be a fan of My Gravity Girls yet, you will be when you hear “Nike.” This love song is sure to take your breath away, whether it’s the moving bass line, the vivid lyrics, or the captivating vocal delivery that grabs your attention. The vocalist is asking his love interest to slow down and take it all in. He feels very tender toward this person that he clearly loves with all his heart. He repeatedly sings with great emotion: “You’re always on my mind.” 

The last track on the record is the most upbeat and positive feeling song on the EP, making it a great song to leave the listener with. “Loop” carries the exciting emotions of change, from finding success and a lust for life, to rejecting self-destructive behaviors. The synthesizers in this song are truly captivating. The beat eventually takes center stage before the song ends, giving the listeners a danceable moment. The story has come full circle, giving the listeners a feeling of hope.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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