The Preventions release debut single ‘All in Good Time’

With their pulse-racing guitar-driven debut single ‘All in Good Time’, you get the vibe that we are entering a new age of indie rock with a breath of fresh air of a quartet known as The Preventions leading the way, and that it’s simply their world that we’re all living and immersed in.

‘All in Good Time’ was penned during the pandemic and reflects on both the struggles and hopes of that time. The opening line of the track “I’m stuck in purgatory” screams of the uncertainty we have all endured of late, but somehow transitions into a glistening romantic message of hope, delivered through a stadium-worthy outro reminiscent of bands like The Killers and Oasis.

The outro of this track certainly gives off Mr. Brightside energy, and this is certain to be a song affectionately yelled by audiences up and down the UK on the stages that The Preventions grace in the near future.

The Preventions announced their arrival on the music scene at 600 capacity venue The Garage and sold out their debut headline show at the Old Blue Last, which coincided as a release party for ‘All in Good Time’. The band are set to announce UK tour dates throughout the summer of ‘24.

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