Charlie Lane Wants to ‘Dance With You’

Indie pop artist Charlie Lane, hailing from Narrm, Australia, has just released Dance With You, the second single from her forthcoming album set to drop later this year.

Charlie Lane – Dance With You

Growing up, Charlie Lane was heavily influenced by her parents’ diverse musical tastes. Her father’s love for blues legends like Buddy Guy, Lloyd Spiegel, and Jimmy Hocking, combined with her mother’s favourites, Carole King and Joni Mitchell, laid the foundation for Charlie’s eclectic musical style.

Between 2017 and 2019, Charlie Lane’s career gained significant momentum with the release of her EP Mood Swings & Antidepressants and singles such as Crazy Happy, The Darkest Time, Faker, and Sail, which collectively garnered over 250,000 streams on editorial and tastemaker playlists.

Her previous single, Gold Drips, released in March, amassed over 5,400 streams within a month and received praise from platforms like BEAT Magazine, Triple J’s Home and Hosed, ABC National, and JOY FM.

Dance With You, her latest track holds deep emotional significance for Charlie as it marks her subtle coming out as a queer individual. The song delves into the universally relatable experience of liking someone but being paralyzed by anxiety and the fear of rejection.With an infectious guitar hook, Dance With You showcases Charlie Lane’s sultry vocals, conveying a sense of vulnerability and hope. The song builds with a rich synth backdrop and vibrant instrumentation, creating a heartfelt atmosphere. This endearing confessional piece highlights Charlie’s exceptional songwriting and musicianship.

“Dance With You is a beautiful auditory journey, distinguished by its genuinely captivating songwriting.”

Beyond the impressive musical composition, Charlie Lane is most proud of what Dance With You represents: her journey to openly embrace her identity as a queer woman. With growing confidence and undeniable talent, the anticipation for Charlie Lane’s next steps in her career is higher than ever.

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