Finn Doherty’s debut EP, if you’re bored of this city, delivers raw emotion

Emerging from London’s vibrant music scene, Finn Doherty captivates with his debut EP, if you’re bored of this city. Known for his dynamic live performances and poignant songwriting, Doherty’s talents extend to filmmaking, with his short film of the same title screened at The Lexi Cinema last year. This EP marks a continuation of his exploration offering listeners an intimate look into his personal journey. 

The EP comprises seven tracks, each delving into different facets of city living and personal connections. The lead single, “~ your love won’t take me home ~”, stands out as a deeply personal and intimate piece. The song begins with softly plucked acoustic strings, creating a mellow and isolated atmosphere. Doherty’s raw vocals are haunting, each word infused with vulnerability and longing, capturing the essence of unrequited love. 

As the song progresses, the chorus introduces layers of backing vocals and underlying synths, further adding profundity. The narrative, centered on the realization that some love is unreciprocated, resonates deeply, especially within the context of Doherty’s exploration of his queer identity. Mixed and mastered by Lavar Bullard, if you’re bored of this city is a poignant and authentic representation of Finn Doherty’s experiences and emotions, firmly establishing him as a compelling new voice in the music scene. This debut EP is a must-listen, promising a whirlwind of emotions and stories that resonate deeply with listeners.

“‘if you’re bored of this city’ is a project about desire, self-destruction, and the search for identity. It was inspired by a relationship that was complicated by an internal exploration of my own sexual identity, and the music that soundtracked that experience. The EP follows the experience of the city of dreams becoming the city of nightmares, a city that became the playing field for reckless behaviour and a longing for something more, a desire for excitement, and a distraction from the complexities of my own self-discovery.”

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