First Signs of Love 230. Brandimarte

Brandimarte is our latest First Signs of Love (FSOL) featured artist. FSOL is about those moments when you find a new artist to love, and you can’t get enough! Discover more from our archive.

Brandimarte – If I

Italian-born Brandimarte moved to the UK at 18 to pursue her artistic ambition. Her music is an introspective blend of alternative blues rock and indie pop drawing inspiration from diverse acts including Arctic Monkeys, Kate Bush and Massive Attack.

Brandimarte has spent years refining her sound and honing her songwriting craft. Along this journey, she’s been guided by mentors who have worked with major label stars including Lana del Rey and Sigala. Despite only being at the start of her journey she has already been invited to perform at renowned venues and networking events including the Notting Hill Arts Club and Tileyard Studios.

Now Brandimarte is ready to step out of the shadows.

Her debut single ‘If I’ is a brooding, contemplative tale about overcoming adversity and opening yourself up to vulnerability to unlock strength. It’s a powerful message that will land and resonate with audiences everywhere.

“If I wasn’t weak I wouldn’t be so strong and if I wasn’t right I wouldn’t feel so wrong.” Brandimarte

As a debut release ‘If I’ is a confident and assured statement of intent that perfectly whets the appetite for what’s to come. Our advice… hit the Follow button on her Spotify so you don’t miss a beat.

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Her cover of ‘Happier than Ever’ by Billie Eilish showcases her vocal ability, During the performance she seamlessly switches between sweet soul vocals and angsty indie pop. The future looks bright.

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