Mörmaid – Pearlescent Dark (Album)

Mörmaid’s music is rested on a foundation of expansive influences and extremes. This manifests itself in her latest project, Pearlescent Dark. All visions literally come to life here. Contrasts are made by themselves.

Sea Lady initiates the album in a way you wouldn’t presume. Shimmering synths operate as gateways to ultramodern possibilities. The beat absorbs like a sponge. Wet Summer keeps the parade of goodness going. This one is quite accelerated, bringing the sun internal. Ehh sounds abstract, and well, it can’t be simply grouped. I‘m trying interlaces the textures of Billie Eilish and Janet Jackson. We believe that it does its job well.

Where Else? has atmospheric noises that parallel the wind’s movement. Bury All slides with polished alt-pop production, converting into a Bjork-esque track called House. Baby comprehends some magical moments, notably around 2:00, where flowers begin to flourish. Toomuchalready places a lot of accent on the singing and context. Manicfest winds up the party accurately.

Pearlescent Dark probes into the perplexities of duality, ambivalence, doubt, and fear. With a thematic range that extends from intimate individual and relational experiences to broader conceptual musings, the album has it all.

Mörmaid went against the grain for this project. She’s truly committed to every detail that you’ll find. The energy she transmits through her music continues to fascinate..

Check out Pearlescent Dark below!

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