Earth To Cheska delivers empowering pop-punk

If you’re a fan of power-pop queen Lauran Hibberd, then you will love what Los Angeles musician Earth To Cheska has to offer.

Inspired by similar artists to Lauran like Weezer and Green Day, Cheska Zaide hits home with her love for nostalgic 00s rock with her new single ‘GIRLS GONE WILD’.

The fierce indie rocker started her musical career just aged 12. After a hiatus while studying at university, Cheska returned to music in 2022 with her debut single ‘Emily (Better Days)’ which showed her softer side with acoustic guitars and delicate vocals.

‘GIRLS GONE WILD’ on the other hand, is an explosive pill of rhythm guitars and catchy pop melodies all in a neatly packaged two minutes. Cheska’s unapologetically dark lyrics are delivered with a punk-like attitude; it’s an empowering feminist anthem for women to assert their voice in the world and not let men diminish them.

Earth To Cheska said of the single: “The song plays on the double entendre of ‘girls gone wild’ meaning exposing my body for the male gaze, and ‘girls gone wild’ meaning “don’t fucking touch me or I will fuck you up on live tv” No one calls me Baby but my Mother.”

Later this year Earth To Cheska will be touring in Europe with Leah Kate and in the USA with DeathbyRomy. Listen to ‘GIRLS GONE WILD’ below.

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