MABRO: Dancing Through Darkness, Making Music for a Cause – An EP That Inspires Change

MABRO is dance, MABRO is rock n’ roll, MABRO is singer-songwriter/folk. MABRO is more than just an artist and a one-man band, he is also an environmental activist bringing much needed attention to our Mother Earth’s climate crisis. MABRO, out of Ottawa, Canada, has just released an EP “Whatever you do​.​.​. don’t” of 4 incredible tracks that will surely make listeners want to get up and dance! This is a self-produced EP that covers deep lyrical topics in every song. MABRO is a true artist, using musical and lyrical expression to inspire and empower others, and to learn and heal from his own past.

From the first track, listeners will dive into the fusion of genres that MABRO so effortlessly seems together to create a sound that feels unique and inspired. A quick electronic beat and a warm acoustic guitar drives the instrumentation of “BURN IT DOWN.” The track builds into something epic fairly soon on. MABRO’s voice is filled with extreme emotion in this song. He is singing about something deeply personal and troubling. He is unafraid to open up about the horrors and traumas from his past in the lyrics of this song. I think this song has the incredible capacity to empower other victims of abuse to confront their past and heal from the trauma and pain.

‘Burn it Down’ is about dealing with emotional abuse in our past. In my case, it was a really strict private school that used punishment, fear and intimidation to enforce a confirmity and certain worldview on unsuspecting kids. It took me many years to come to terms with the fact that some of those teachers must have been pretty broken themselves and took it out on their students. “Look at what you did with your pain. Look at how I can’t break free. Pass the torch, give me the flame. Salve your insecurity.” – MABRO 

This song flows right into “PAIN IN THE NAME.” Listeners will hear the sense of extreme urgency in MABRO’s voice. And trust me, there is a great sense of urgency right now. This song is important because it brings light to the climate change emergency that is effecting us all. MABRO created this song with love for our planet and the future generations to come.

‘Pain in the Name’ is mainly about the climate crisis and how we might only realize what we’ve lost when it’s too late to do anything about it: “We’ll all feel the pain when it’s too late.” It starts from the perspective of future generations: “When they’re wondering why we didn’t act, no resistance til the bubble burst.” I’ve been an environmental activist for many years and it is very difficult work, lots of disappointment with few rewards. This is the idea of going through “pain in the name of love” for the planet. – MABRO 

Track 3, “WRECKING BALL” is the most rock n’ roll, classic-rock inspired, sounding track on the EP. Still driving by an electronic drum beat and an acoustic guitar, the chord progression and guitar tone sounds much like a classic Tom Petty, Grateful Dead, or Don Henley anthem. “WRECKING BALL” fits in quite well with rock n’ roll hits because of its catchy vocal melodies and fun chord changes. MABRO let Rock the Pigeon know that this song is all about being in an up-and-coming rock band, struggling to make ends meet because music rarely pays, and trying to understand the meaning in all of it. What’s the point of forming a band, playing with other musicians, spending tons of money on gear and touring, to get no financial reward? MABRO learned the lesson in all of this and deemed it all to be worth it.

‘Wrecking Ball’ is simply about being in a struggling rock band and the bittersweet experience that it can be. Super difficult and frustrating at times, a life of mostly poverty and stuggle, with band members who can be pretty messed up and arguing a lot. Sometimes you have to wonder what is the point of it all. Was it all worth it or did I just waste years of my life? But then I found there is a kind of redemption eventually: “Now I see why I can’t let go”, because there is something about music and playing music with other people that is inherently worth it in the end, whether you succeed commercially or not. Making music is probably the most difficult yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. – MABRO 

“ALL THE RAGE” is the final track on the EP. It starts off with an acoustic guitar riff and a gritty vocal that leans towards the genre of punk rock. MABRO opens up in this song to share another lesson that he has learned throughout his life thus far. He is singing about infidelity and how cheating just isn’t worth it. You can hear the sorrow and angst in his vocal delivery. This song is incredibly real. In fact, the whole record is incredibly real. MABRO has created an EP of 4 catchy songs that help bring awareness to different topics of importance. For this, he is a true artist. Rock the Pigeon can’t wait to hear more songs from MABRO in the future! LP, coming soon?

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Whatever you do… don’t by MABRO

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Written by Ryan Cassata 

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