Anna Eline Relives Memories On ‘River of Childhood’

In her second musical endeavour, emerging folk artist Anna Eline introduces her mesmerizing new song, River of Childhood.

Anna Eline – River of Childhood

Hailing from Oslo, Anna Eline is a promising figure in Norway’s indie music scene. Drawing inspiration from her upbringing amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Norwegian forests and mountains, she effortlessly blends Nordic folk with Americana influences, creating a sound that feels authentically her own—a fusion of nostalgia and spirituality.

Anna’s musical palette is rich and diverse, with influences ranging from the soulful melodies of Bon Iver to the raw authenticity of Ben Howard and the timeless charm of Dolly Parton. Her debut single, Montana Summers, released in April, quickly garnered over 2000 streams and secured a spot on Spotify’s ‘Nordic Folk’ playlist, alongside acclaimed artists like First Aid Kit, José Gonzalez, and The Tallest Man On Earth.

After a warm reception, Anna followed up with her latest single, River of Childhood, just over a month later. Thematically, this new release delves into the notion that the memories we carry from our formative years flow through us like rivers, encompassing both the joyous and the sorrowful.

Anna Eline’s upbringing amidst the forests and mountains of Norway reinforces this notion, as some of these landscapes hold cherished memories for her. However, as previously noted, these same landscapes can also harbour painful recollections. The song captures Anna’s childhood anxiety, as depicted in the haunting line “I remember the time the dragonfly stole my eyes,” one of her earliest memories of what she now recognizes as a panic attack.

Enhanced by a soothing fingerpicking technique and Anna’s melodious voice, River of Childhood conjures a sense of melancholy intertwined with the serenity of nature. The song gradually builds, evolving into a richer production accentuated by a powerful string section that infuses the melody with a profound display of raw emotion.

River of Childhood is a folk piece imbued with nostalgia, characterized by its lyrical depth and soothing performance.

This track sets the stage for Anna’s upcoming debut EP, a collection that she describes as an homage to the innocence and vulnerability of childhood. Through the lens of a wistful young adult, Anna’s forthcoming EP promises to be a captivating exploration of this theme. With the quality showcased in these initial singles, anticipation for the full release is certainly warranted!

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