JESSMO Explores The Unknown in ‘Saltwater’

Singaporean rising artist JESSMO has unveiled her latest single, Saltwater, a captivating melody that delves into the mysterious emotions of love.

JESSMO – Salt Water

Hailing from Singapore, JESSMO is a talented singer-songwriter and music producer known for creating uplifting and evocative melodies within the pop and electronic genres. Her music, characterized by deeply emotional and dark vocals, is as enchanting as it is compelling.

With a wealth of experience, JESSMO has been classically trained in piano since she was five and started writing her first songs during her teenage years. At 17, she left college and began her artistic journey, travelling and performing in cities across Europe, including London, Amsterdam, Paris, Galway, Copenhagen, Düsseldorf, and her homeland, Singapore.

Using a metaphor, JESSMO’s newest single Saltwater portrays the ocean’s mysterious nature as an allegory for love. Just like the sea’s vastness and depth, love can be terrifying at first. However, JESSMO believes this fear is what makes it real and worth it. Sometimes, you just have to leave insecurities behind and take that leap of faith into the unknown.

Saltwater begins with a cool piano intro and quickly transitions into a vibrant disco-pop track. Driven by a playful bassline and JESSMO’s gifted vocals, the song leads listeners into an irresistible melody perfect for losing yourself on the dance floor.

“Saltwater is a catchy pop tune, brimming with emotion and driven by a passionate performance.”

From its inherent catchiness to infectious production, “Saltwater” exemplifies JESSMO’s deep connection to music. As she likes to say:

My world is built on music, and music bridges me to a world of infinite possibilities”.

By infusing her latest release with these sentiments, JESSMO continues to establish herself as a rising act in the indie music scene.

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