Scared of Sharks return with fuzzy rock anthem ‘Stumble’

New South Wales indie rockers Scared of Sharks are back at their rock n roll best with anthemic new single ‘Stumble’.

Blending classic indie rock with influences of 90s punk and garage rock, the Australian four-piece are growing at a staggering pace.

Following up on their previous single ‘2nd Jingle Idea’ where influences of 60s power pop were brought back to life, ‘Stumble’ heads back to the band’s original punk and rock roots. The track begins with an entourage of heavy riffs and crashing drums before frontman Taylor Schwifty’s raw vocals kick in. It provides fuzzy guitars and layers of sonic elements which embraces some throwbacks to 90s shoegaze and 60s garage rock.

Scared of Sharks aren’t afraid to ramp up the energy with their head-bopping rhythms and dynamic basslines yet leaving enough space for every instrument and layer to have their own meaningful impact throughout the song.

Comprising of Taylor Schwifty, his brother Jack Malolakis and Tim Jong Un and Loui Crouton, Scared of Sharks are becoming a name on the tip of everyone’s tongues and certainly ones to watch. Listen to ‘Stumble’ below. Find the band on Facebook here.

Featured image by Vivienne Tennent

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