Stella Scholaja Takes Dreamy Dive Into Synth Pop ‘Siren Of The Night’

Blending silky melodies with synthesizers and romance, Stella Scholaja explores seduction, betrayal, and fear in her latest single ‘Siren Of The Night’. 

Stella Scholaja – Siren Of The Night

Grasping the listener’s attention, the track’s alluring kick drum brings a strong sense of rhythm right from the outset. Before long, the track’s ethereal chord progression melts into the sonic landscape before Scholaja’s lyric drives the melody forward. ‘Siren of The Night’ offers a unique perspective into romance and allurement through conversation and demeanour.

The single is a great example of Stella Scholaja’s innate ability to craft melodies that not only marry perfectly to the style of the track but also craft vocal lines that are as memorable as they are elegant. It’s fascinating to hear different styles of music blended into just one track: the vocal harmonies and motifs would not sound out of place next to the folk-blues scene of the 1970s whilst the instrumentation seems to suggest a subtle nod to synth-pop with its intoxicating drum machines and string synthesizers – think Madonna meets Stevie Nicks.

No stranger to music making, Scholaja’s creative career proliferated after becoming a finalist on Croatia Got Talent and as lead singer for the pop group ‘The Vanillas’ before now launching her solo career. The single is the first to be released from her forthcoming debut album, which promises to be a truly exciting body of work given her talent and ability.

‘Siren of the Night’ is a dreamy ode to seduction and attraction, further demonstrating Stella Scholaja’s ability to write catchy pop-hooks that feel unique and gripping.

Speaking on writing the track, Stella discussed how “the song is a modern interpretation of the ancient siren lore in the way that a woman is dangerous, seductive, but also complicated and versatile.”

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