Donovan Woods and the Beauty of 116 West Main, Durham, NC

Dive into the deeply soulful voice of Donovan Woods with his brand-new single titled “116 West Main, Durham, NC.” It’s not the first time the singer has included a city and state in his song title. In fact, Rock the Pigeon previously discovered him with his gorgeous song “Portland, Maine.” Donovan Woods delivers a soothing vocal on top of a warm acoustic guitar and piano in his new song, giving fans more sounds to add to their chill summer playlists. The song is filled with story telling lyrics in a melody that feels emotionally intimate. He actually wrote this great song backstage at one of his shows in Durham, NC. Donovan Woods has really outdone himself with this new song. The talented singer-songwriter will release his seventh studio album, Things Were Never Good If They’re Not Good Now, on July 12th via End Times Music.

“I wrote this in a green room at The Carolina Theatre in Durham. I had a great day walking around (really nice town), and I was feeling hopeful. This is what passes as hopeful for me. I’m trying to forgive myself more, and that’s what I’m doing here. I wanted it to feel like one of those days when you’re getting a lot of errands done. Maybe you’re walking, and your legs feel good. You feel like you could walk forever. It’s sunny, not too hot, and you think it’s good that time rolls on. Maybe it is actually good. Saxophones are the sound of moving on. Maybe you didn’t know that.” – Donovan Woods 

Enjoy this new single and two more new songs on his latest EP to drop:

Written by Ryan Cassata 

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