Five For Friday – 14th June 2024

SeanJ – ‘Brave’

Pop singer/songwriter SeanJ (Sean Jacobs) has released his latest track ‘BRAVE’, featuring strong vocals and anthemic choruses with a message of perseverance. Born and raised in South Africa, SeanJ’s rich background in music and theatre, coupled with his formal training, has led to notable collaborations and a Broadway-like performance style, making ‘BRAVE’ part of the humanitarian organisation RADA’s ‘Unearthed Volume Three’ album.

SlickBoy Nae – ‘PGFTS’

Rising artist SlickBoy Nae has released his new single ‘PGFTS’, blending his Northern East Coast hip-hop sound with South Florida influences. Produced by platinum-selling producer Kid Hazel, the energetic track features an engaging mix of synths, snares, 808s, drums, and hi-hats, highlighting SlickBoy Nae’s lively and passionate cadence.

Bonneville – ‘The Chase’

Southern retro soul band Bonneville release ‘The Chase’, the fifth single from their second album ‘Flying Machine’. This instrumental track pays homage to 1970s car chase scenes in urban thriller movies, showcasing a thick, rich funk sound inspired by classics like ‘Are You Man Enough?’ by The Four Tops and the theme to ‘Shaft’.

Solarrio – ‘Anywhere’

Independent musician Solarrio has released his debut album ‘All the Wrong Places’, showcased by its riveting opening track ‘Anywhere’. This synth-driven album blends groovy rhythms and bombastic beats with a cinematic ambience, reflecting Solarrio’s journey from classical music to pop, hip-hop, and electronic influences, and features collaborations with Holland Izz, Dusty G Fuller, Lenka Shockley, and Nnaji.

Omesi Abulu – ‘Let Me Go’

Nigerian singer-songwriter Omesi Abulu, based in Boston, is set to make a significant impact on the alternative R&B scene with his latest single ‘Let Me Go’, following the success of his viral hit ‘Monami’. As an emerging talent, Abulu blends genre-bending music with multifaceted musicianship, showcasing his unique voice and powerful lyrics, and is poised for the most significant year of his career.

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