Emily Fields Picks Up The Pieces On ‘Always Be My Almost’

‘Always Be My Almost’ is the latest release from rising star Emily Fields as she explores love, loss, regret, and grief, all encapsulated into a soul-filled pop anthem.

Emily Fields – Always Be My Almost

Since releasing her debut single in 2022, Fields has gone from strength to strength and has now released her most heart-wrenching effort yet.

The only way for me to start this post is by saying that ‘Always Be My Almost’ has to be one of the most beautiful songs I have heard this year. The way the remorse for a time gone by pours out of the leading piano lines before the tension builds elegantly to reach the silky heights of its chorus is mesmerizing. The track blends together in the most enchanting of fashions with its string arrangements and melancholic piano lines. Fields possesses a unique way with words as it seems she leaves no letter unturned when it comes to telling a story that’s not only brim-filled with emotion but equally as gripping and immersive. For this reason, it’s hard to pick out a single ‘standout’ moment in the track as each lyric is as strong as the next – be it the despairing narration of the verses or the heart-wrenching retrospect of the chorus… “You will always be my almost, what I wanted was forever.”

One of my favourite aspects of this single is the way it continues to grow and add emotion until the final belt of the chorus. It could have been quite easy to make this a simple four-minute piano ballad – drifting from one section into the other punctuated only by chord changes – but Fields is much more interesting than that and has crafted a record that is engaging, exciting, and heartbreaking. You can almost feel the pain and agony that has been woven into each chord and each lyric – and that’s what makes this song so beautiful. It would only be fair to link ‘Always Be My Almost’ to some of the great names in music history – if Adele recorded this, there would be no doubt about it flying off the shelves and breaking streaming records. Emily Fields is one to watch – mark my words.

‘Always Be My Almost’ is a heartwrenching ballad to the one that got away, crafted with a hefty dose of heartbreak and a soul-filled edge.

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