The Fan Are ‘Single For The Summer’

The Fan are back with their first release of 2024, presenting their latest emo-enthused track ‘Single For The Summer’.

The Fan – Single For The Summer

Exploring that potent feeling of love and emotion while keeping true to its punk rock roots, the single craves that 90s nostalgia of MySpace, MTV, and a time when Green Day and Jimmy Eat World ruled the globe.

One thing can certainly be said for sure about the latest release, ‘Single For The Summer’, from Virginia’s very own The Fan: pop punk is truly alive and well. From the outset, the track roars into action with its pummeling drum beat and chugging chord patterns, which hammer home a new lease on life, giving the record a fresh and exciting feel. The Fan are one of the latest groups to emerge from the millennial nostalgia boom. Led by frontman Jim Ivins, the band is completed by Steve Snider on guitar duties, Rob St. Amand as the bassist, and Joey Arias and Bobby Gary on the drums and keys, respectively.

One of my favourite aspects of this track is how The Fan have mastered different dynamics and feels, which keep the record interesting and engaging. Despite only clocking in at just over two and a half minutes, it’s great to hear so many different elements, licks, and hooks carved into the sonic soundscape of this new pop-punk anthem. Coupled with this invigorating approach to guitar music, special mention is owed to the drumming on this record, which candidly kick-starts and complements every note to make sure ‘Single for the Summer’ is as electrifying as it can possibly be.

Lyrically and melodically, the track shines, especially when it comes to the pre-chorus and chorus. It’s really refreshing to hear a nod to the ol’ ‘tension and release’ part of songwriting that once made pop music so great. Not only that, but the expert creative force behind the song means it refuses to be held as ‘just another love song’. The Fan explores lust and devotion from fresh perspectives — not wanting to be ‘Single for the Summer’ and longing to chase the crush of your dreams.

The Fan are one of the most electrifying bands of their sound – paying homage to the golden period of emo with their own energizing twist, rekindling a new era for emo-driven pop punk.

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