Discover the 15-year-old indie pop-punker Edie Yvonne

At ICM, we’re always searching for the latest emerging talent and have stumbled across the latest indie pop-punk anthem from Los Angeles, Edie Yvonne.

The 15-year-old creates indie teen anthems with punchy rock riffs, smashing drum beats and angsty vocal presence which shows an already mature artist at work as she looks to establish her musical style to the world.

Edie is just about to switch high schools which inspired the idea for ‘15 (When I Leave)’. With the lyrics “I’m leaving. I know it’s not your fault. You never cared at all. At least I tell myself, So it hurts less, when I leave.” The message has a profound meaning, summarising the universal anxiety of wanting to be accepted in society for who we are. So there is clearly no lost love for her old school.

With influences of 2000s Emo and Paramore-esque vibes, Edie Yvonne is currently working on her debut album Girl Code, a huge feat for such a young woman but one we are sure she will deliver in style.

If you loved what you heard and want to support Edie Yvonne, check her out on Instagram.

Featured image by Cathryn Farnsworth

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