Britta Raci – striking out (EP)

Britta Raci uses music to paint the world around her. She’s steadfast to don’t let any empty void exist. And, well, I’ve proof of this. With her debut four-track EP, striking out, Raci hits the jackpot. It takes only 11 minutes and 21 seconds for the singer-songwriter to establish a firm footing. I really want to congratulate her on that.

baseball bat opens the project, which I love because it’s sweet, but also slightly gritty at times. You can tell it’s good just by listening to the chorus. The vocals are reminiscent of Olivia Rodrigo. pete rose builds upon the first song’s vibe, featuring catchy guitar riffs. I find it interesting how layers are used here.

benchwarmer has been constructed phenomenally. It’s swamped with indie pop and indie rock influences, and the more you listen, the more you realize how brilliant it is. third strike really gives you the feeling that you’re at an end. Definitely the most emotional sounding of the bunch.

The track titles for the EP all carry baseball themes as a nod to Raci’s cheating ex-boyfriend who played games with her. The sarcastic theming is great. Raci says she had a lot of fun writing the lyrics, and I can understand why. Keeping things light can sometimes be enough to shake off the bad feelings.

Although Raci takes inspiration from singers such as Avril Lavigne, she strives to cultivate her own signature aesthetic. Does she succeed in doing that? I’d say yes – 100%. Check out striking out below!

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