Liv Averie – Ethereal (EP)

Rising star Liv Averie takes the necessary steps to get noticed. Each release of hers stretches what people think she’s capable of. Now that it’s 2024, it’s time to listen to Ethereal. This new EP is rooted in the sort of soulfulness you don’t come across often. A soulfulness that not just blinks once, but twice.

Love Is Kind has jazzy keys that recall the 1990s. Its beat is slow, but stays on top of things at all times. We love how the backing vocals give that extra kick. Empath seems like the right follow-up, with similar production techniques, but perhaps even more sophisticatedly built. Kudos for using the bassline here. Intrapersonal sounds spiritual, bringing things forward quickly. The singing bounces around it.

In today’s world, where voices are cacophony, Ethereal explores the beauty that lies within our own vulnerabilities. Averie fills in the gaps where clarity is lacking. By the end of the project, you’ll feel like yourself again. It’s true, I assure you.

Averie kept her word and overshadows what she previously did. Ethereal really raises the bar. Besides that, hope-giving music is needed. Where would we be without hope? It’s a good question to ask while listening. Check it out below!

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