Ella Eliza delivers empowering alt pop with captivating melodies

Singer-songwriter and producer Ella Eliza is on a poignant exploration of the complexity of relationships and self-discovery through her empowering alt pop.

Originally from Germany, Ella now resides in West London as she looks to captivate audiences with her honest lyrics and rich synth sounds. Her new single ‘Life Without Me’ is a journey of self-discovery as she fearlessly delves into themes of love, loss, and her personal search for authenticity.

Ella Eliza worked with up and coming producer Jules Konieczny (Tom Grennan, Everything Everything, Alfie Jukes) and multi-award winning LGBTQ+ Filmmaker Frankie Joe Gommon, to create a music video reminiscent of a short film that offers a visually stunning and emotionally resonant journey into Ella Eliza’s personal narrative.

In the music video Frankie – who identifies as bisexual – has told a story of forbidden queer love, and a relationship’s downfall. The video sees Ella’s world turn to chaos after falling for a girl she meets at work. The track showcases her signature blend of captivating melodies and honest lyricism, drawing listeners into a world where vulnerability is celebrated.

Speaking on the collaboration, Ella states: “When it comes to my songwriting, I usually write tracks that aim to empower or uplift others. With ‘Life Without Me’, I had just gone through a breakup, and found myself writing something deeply personal and a lot more self-reflective.

“After speaking with Frankie about making this video, I decided that I was ready to open up about my sexuality for the first time, and let my audience in on some of the most vulnerable parts of myself. I think there’s still a part of me that’s that 13-year-old girl, who’s scared of showing so much of themselves.

“I am a lot more comfortable with who I am now, but I think the video reflects my past – which is the current reality for a lot of queer people.

“My biggest hope is that this song, and the video resonates with people who are still trapped in that place, and can inspire them to be their most authentic selves.”

Ella Eliza’s musical career began in 2018 with bold alt pop single ‘Like I Can’t Breathe’ and followed it up with a stream of singles and a debut EP ‘INTROSPECTION’. The latest single ‘Life Without Me’ marks a significant milestone in Ella Eliza’s artistic journey, and ahead of her anticipated EP release on the horizon.

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