Alina Will Never Date Another ‘Oxford Boy’

Alina, the rising indie pop artist from Bristol, has released her second single of the year, Oxford Boy.

Alina – Oxford Boy

Drawing inspiration from unpleasant memories of a failed relationship, this new track showcases Alina’s talent and depth as a singer-songwriter.

Growing up, Alina was deeply involved in musical theatre and dreamt of performing professionally. Now, with almost a decade of songwriting under her belt, Alina has earned three distinctions from music college and has gained significant live performance experience, during a six-month stint in Amsterdam.

Her previous single, If Your Silence Is Gospel, has already garnered over 3,000 streams since its release in April, setting a strong precedent for her latest offering.

Confident in her skills and talent, Alina firmly believes she can surpass this achievement with her latest offering, Oxford Boy. This new bop is based on an uncomfortable experience when she was just 18 years old. The track itself can be interpreted in many different ways, alluding to a stereotypical type of man who might be successful yet lacks wisdom and maturity, granting this piece a universality that many will find relatable.

Besides the upfront songwriting, Oxford Boy also stands out due to its marvelous production arrangements, which are nothing less than creative. For instance, the ‘ka-ching’ sound at the beginning of the first two choruses is actually a typewriter. This was done intentionally as a clever nod to the fact that sleeping with other girls should be an unwritten rule in a relationship.

With an ominous intro and subtle guitar passages, Oxford Boy eventually erupts into an unforgettable pop anthem, especially during its incredibly catchy chorus with clapping beats and Alina’s powerful vocals brimming with sentiment and raw emotion.

“Oxford Boy exemplifies what happens when well-crafted pop production meets an outstanding performance.”

Keep an eye on Alina as she continues to share her stories and talent with the world!

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