Britta Raci Hits Grandslam with New EP “Striking Out”

Hi Pigeons! Are you looking for some high energy emo music? britta raci is an artist that you need to be listening to right now. She has just released her 4-song debut EP “striking out.” The songs all feature catchy hook melodies and use baseball themes as metaphors for her cheating ex-boyfriend. The album has an overall theme of empowerment. The feeling carries long after the songs have finished playing. Let’s dive in to a track by track, play by play, of “striking out.”

We dive in to a sound that has the power to completely captivate anyone who listens. “baseball bat” is a super catchy song that feels reminiscent to early 2000s pop punk music. Although the song has bright guitars and exciting drums, don’t let the high energy fool you. The lyrics of the song delve into much more serious topics; cheating ex-boyfriends, a toxic relationship, and the feeling of be gaslighted. This song is catchy from start to finish! It’s certain to get stuck in your head!

This EP was truly inspired by all the games my cheating ex boyfriend played with me— I used to play softball and loved baseball growing up, so I thought it would be cute to make every title baseball-related but have it be an ode to “games” in another way. – britta raci 

“baseball bat” flows perfectly into the next track, “pete rose.” This song also sounds like the glory days of pop punk and we are definitely living for it! The production on this track features some pop elements that give the record additional dimension. This song features numerous vocal tempo changes. The pre-chorus slows down before exploding into a fast-paced vocal delivery, creating an additional earworm for the listener. Pete Rose, nicknamed “Charlie Hustle” was a baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds that was known for cheating and gambling. He holds the record for the most hits in Major League Baseball at 4,256, outscoring both Ty Cobb and Hank Aaron.

“benchwarmer” is about feeling second best. A bench warmer is someone that doesn’t get to start in the game and usually only plays if someone is out sick or injured. This song starts off with dreamy vocals and synthesizers. This ballad will tug on your heartstrings. The synth pulsating gets faster and faster, the drums kick in and start to drive the song. Eventually, the song transforms from a somber ballad into a high energy rock/electronic fusion song, complete with distorted guitars and a solo.

The last track on this fantastic EP has my personal favorite guitar performance. The emo chords pair strangely well with the 80s sounding synthesizers. “third strike” has a unique vocal melody that immediately hooked me in. This song is about taking a break from relationships. After so much pain and heartbreak, it’s time to take a break from the dating scene, to eventually, hopefully, try again.

This EP is quite the grandslam! Listen to britta raci’s epic EP on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata 

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