Kiyah Kaélis Channels Authenticity On New Single ‘Insecure’

‘Insecure’ is the emphatic new single from Kiyah Kaélis. The R&B newcomer brings her brand of enchanting harmonies and gritty beats once again.

Kiyah Kaélis – Insecure

Hailing from Spartanburg, South Carolina, Kaélis has already made a name for herself as one of R&B’s most exciting newcomers with the release of her first two singles. ‘Insecure’ sees Kiyah embracing a more emphatic relationship with her music, authentically exploring her experiences and emotions as a woman.

The record starts with a slick chord progression that soon unfolds into a sweeping effort. Right from the outset, the single exudes a cool sense of class and finesse, with Kiyah’s mesmerizing delivery bearing a passing resemblance to SZA or Doja Cat.

The cool rhythms and emotive changes encapsulate that no holds barred approach that Kaélis has taken on this release. The way that Kaélis holds herself on this recording is both as intoxicating as it is entrancing, paving way for her vocal riffs to stand out as a compelling showcase of her talent. As sensational as it is, ‘Insecure’ is an extremely catchy song. 

One of my favourite elements of the track is the production and the beat that carries the track through its humble duration of two minutes and twenty-six seconds. It could have been quite easy for Kaélis to employ a simple, lo-fi production style and let her radiant voice do all the talking, yet by opting for something more creatively interesting, she evokes a more exhilarating reality.

The beat reminds me of the powerful, gritty percussion of hip hop whilst still maintaining the soulful clarity that is characteristic of R&B. ‘Insecure’s hard-edged snare and synthesizers compliment the beauty of Kiyah’s natural ability perfectly pave the way for ‘Insecure’ to feel distinctive and individual.

Insecure’ is an authentic and gripping effort that is as empowering as it is defiant, cementing Kiyah Kaélis as one of R&B’s rising stars.

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Words: Alex Malpass

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