Rebekka Louise Finds Light: ‘There’s Something In The Shadows’

Rebekka Louise returns with the dark-synth ode ‘There’s Something In The Shadows’.

Rebekka Louise – There’s Something In The Shadows

With her debut album release fast approaching, the track is the final single before its release. Blending a silky pop feel with throbbing bass synthesis and brooding ambience.

Starting with the gentle roar of the moody synthesizers, the single cuts through the soundwave with its pulsating kick drum. Rhythm and melody are at the heart of this release, complete with Louise’s euphoric lyrical delivery and its slick pop underbelly.

There’s a beautiful sense of foreboding that this track is forged upon due to Rebekka’s unique approach to production. The different ‘feels’ the track embodies are especially creatively refreshing to hear; ‘Shadows’ starts from humble beginnings before expanding into something that feels as empowering as it is exciting. Rebekka covers a lot of sonic ground before the tension rises into what can only be described as ‘gothic-house,’ punctuated only by dramatic pauses where the titular lyric is suspensefully spoken, reminiscent of artists like Björk and The Sisters of Mercy.

Clocking in at just under three minutes and thirty seconds, ‘There’s Something In The Shadows’ explores life’s anxieties – feeling alienated from the world, but accepting the madness in which you can find yourself. The experimental nature of the production brings out the beauty in the songwriting, keeping the record both dramatically encapsulating and commercially rhythmic simultaneously.

Raised in Norway as a classically trained cellist, Louise’s background was initially forged in Musical Theatre before becoming a producer and an artist in her own right. It’s rare to find an artist who’s as multi-talented as they are driven to be the best they can be – perhaps this is what makes ‘There’s Something In The Shadows’ as creatively rich and compelling.

‘There’s Something In The Shadows’ is a journey through the anxieties and obscurities of existence, complete with dramatic synthesis and a compelling production style. Rebekka Louise will be sure to make heads turn.

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