VANLYFE, the Eye-Opening Hollywood Fringe Festival Play that Angelenos Must See

Andy Casillas as Finn

VANLYFE, featured at the renowned Hollywood Fringe Festival and performed in the Jaxx Theatre parking lot, is a powerful production that everyone should see. This remarkable show offers a deeply humanizing look at the homeless experience, prompting a reflection on personal responsibility and action with the thought, “What can I do to help?”

Vanlyfe is a dynamic and immersive play that merges theatre with activism. It’s written (by Soph Fuchs, Eliot Evans) and performed by formerly unhoused activists and actors. Set in Venice Beach, the story follows Sunny (Eliot Evans) and Finn (Andy Casillas), a lively queer/trans couple living in a dilapidated van. When police announce a 48-hour sweep of their encampment, they must use what little resources they have and community support to repair their van and avoid losing their home. As solutions seem impossible, their identities and commitments are challenged, revealing deeper truths about where and with whom home truly lies. The play, filled with humor, heart, joy, and struggle, features interactive elements making it a truly unique and engaging experience.

The acting done by a small but mighty cast, is exceptional, with each performer (Andy Casillas, Eliot Evans, Jessica Bowe, Becca Khalil, Sol Joun, Jocelyn Michelle, Soph Fuchs) delivering a believable and heartfelt portrayal of their characters. The seamless flow of the well-crafted script ensures there is never a dull moment for the audience. The narrative is brisk and engaging, filled with numerous “wow” moments that captivate the audience from beginning to end.

The fast-paced script masterfully balances action with profound emotional depth. The actors’ skillful handling of serious subject matter brought me to tears multiple times, highlighting the gravity of homelessness while showcasing their incredible talent. The combination of powerful writing and stellar performances makes this play not only an entertainment piece but also a moving, thought-provoking experience.

Vanlyfe left a lasting impression on me, and I sincerely hope to see it again before it closes. It is a testament to the transformative power of theatre, urging us to look beyond ourselves and consider the lives of those living on the streets. This play is a true gem of the festival and an absolute must-see.

Go see Vanlyfe before it closes! There are only two more opportunities to see it on June 29th and June 30th!

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