Forgotten Tides Struggle With Addiction On ‘2 Steps Back’

Forgotten Tides deliver a potent dose of edgy hard rock on their new powerhouse anthem 2 Steps Back.

Forgotten Tides – 2 Steps Back

Scottish quartet Forgotten Tides masterfully blends the catchiness of pop rock with the raw energy of hard rock.

Proudly waving the DIY flag, Forgotten Tides handles all aspects of recording and production themselves. Their mission is to create music they’re proud of, hoping listeners find solace and connection in their songs. If one of their tracks gets you tapping your foot or nodding your head, they consider their mission accomplished.

Since their debut just over a year ago, Forgotten Tides has released three successful singles, each amassing thousands of streams. Their latest track, 2 Steps Back, is likely to continue this trend. Thematically, this song explores the dark struggles of addiction but ultimately serves as a motivational hymn of resilience and hope, reminding us that there’s always a way out.

Musically, 2 Steps Back is one of the heaviest tracks Forgotten Tides has produced to date. The song features grunge-inspired distorted guitars, smashing drums, and soaring backing vocals, all highlighted by lead singer Jonny’s emotionally charged performance. The track reaches its peak during an atmospheric guitar solo, showcasing the band’s instrumental prowess.

“2 Steps Back is a hard-hitting rock anthem brimming with edge and inspiration.”

2 Steps Back captures the backbone and base of what makes Forgotten Tides such a compelling act: universally relatable lyrics and addictive rock melodies, making it a track worth revisiting!

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