Maddisun Brings Raw Optimism On ‘Feelin’ It Again’

Returning to the scene, Canada-based Maddisun is back with her first single of 2024, ‘Feelin’ It Again’. Since the release of her debut album in 2020, she has picked up over 500,000 streams and a loyal fanbase.

Maddisun – Feelin It Again

Born and raised in British Columbia, Maddisun’s musical education consisted of indie-folk, with a healthy dose of rock n roll.

Starting with the gentle swagger of the chugging guitar line, ‘Feelin’ It Again’ is Maddisun’s first release since 2023’s ‘All Or Nothing’. Maddisun’s beautiful vocal is one of the first breathtaking moments of the track, as the lyrics of spirit, optimism and angst fill the soundwaves with poignant imagery.

Though the track starts from humble beginnings, it’s not long before it opens up with its effortlessly vibrant chorus. Maddisun’s ability to naturally convey her experiences and sentiments in song should be marvelled. Coupled with the uplifting instrumentation, ‘Feelin’ It Again’ offers something unfiltered and genuine.

Lyrically, the imagery within the track is sensational. Channeling Joni Mitchell, Maddisun has the expert ability to deal with tough issues with such finesse and creative intelligence. As well as this, she has a sensational capacity to blend different musical genres to create something new.

The overdriven guitars give that alt-rock edge, whilst the arrangement retains that ‘Phoebe Bridgers’ quality. All these features make the single feel unique and exciting, matching that nostalgic feel with a strong contemporary anchor. Maddisun described the track as “very raw and real,” as it showcases her “alt-powerhouse sexy rocker angst”

In the past five years, Maddisun has played over 500 shows. She is a powerhouse in the studio and a force to be reckoned with live. It will be fascinating to see what she does next.

‘Feelin’ It Again’ is a vibrant ode to evocative tribulations, complete with radiant optimism and sincere emotion.

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