Yali Blank – Magnetized (EP)

Tel Aviv-based singer and producer Yael Blankstein, aka Yali Blank releases her debut EP, Magnetized. What to expect? Well, imagine some grandiose soundscapes that make your heart sing. You’re already sold?

The projects open with the title track, which is fueled by synthesiser plucks. The vocals sound from another planet, bringing the lyrics into focus. I’ll Let It Go builds on the initial foundation, but with a greater R&B influence. I really like the melodic textures here. Nobody 2 Luv has a dynamic chord progression that gets things moving. Dancing In The Sun feels like the summer jam you need to relieve your stress.

Magnetized talks about losing your way without being afraid. Yael wants you to enter a world where being lost isn’t scary, but an exciting experience that lets you feel free. Sounds brilliant.

Yael has taken the right creative steps, we can be sure of that. Magnetized has the game on lock. Check it out below!

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