Gillian Krystal – Out of Frame (EP)

You’re going to love our news. Gillian Krystal’s second EP, Out of Frame, has been released. What to expect? The answer is a lot, you can trust us. These songs are made with so much creative energy that you can’t get enough of them.

The Blues kicks things off. Enjoy sweet guitar lines and welcoming vocals that will link you up with Gillian’s thoughts. An indie-pop beat wizards motion into the song. We love the chorus, because it’s melodic oriented. Clouds sounds more acoustic, nevertheless, big. Not in dynamics, but in the way everything comes to life. The raw edge of Gillian’s singing works brilliantly here.

Merry Go Round continues the tradition of the previous song. Its arrangement has a vibe you can only be polite to. Lose Myself makes you feel so amazing, with birds chirping for a relaxing atmosphere. Map of Your Heart is theatrical, providing strings that build to something extraordinary. The title track accentuates Gillian’s talent one more time.

Gillian wrote this EP over the course of a year. It goes through all the different emotions she felt in her relationship. The title track is about how Gillian tends to keep a lot of what she’s feeling to herself so she doesn’t bother the people in her life. She likes being there to support others, but consequently, often ends up holding a lot in. Out of Frame is about the stuff Gillian doesn’t openly show.

If there’s one artist who deserves the crown, it’s Gillian. She seems to know what she’s doing. Her writing exceeds the ordinary and is a member of its own league. Cool, right? We’re fans, and, well, that will never change. Some people can’t make mediocre music, they always deliver.

Check out Out of Frame below!

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