The Divisions revitalise their booming Britpop and 90s grunge sound

Boasting a new polishing indie rock sound, London’s quartet The Divisions brings Britpop and 90s grunge back to life.

Returning with their third single ‘Middle Ground’, The Divisions are back to prove a point and they have certainly achieved it with this new single and forthcoming EP.

The London-based four-piece (comprising of Jim Talbott – Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitar, Will Oliveira – Lead Guitar, Ben Phillips – Bass, Reece Godfrey – Drums) have matured over the past three years since their single ‘White Ash’.

While recruiting a new drummer and homing in on their influences like Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana, the band re-recorded their entire debut EP and changed studios to achieve a solid indie rock EP which feels much more polished and revitalises their love for classic guitar legends.

‘Middle Ground’ is a groovy indie rock anthem that delves into the frustrations of love and the emotional toll of a one-sided relationship. The song captures the feeling of giving everything to someone who takes too much without making any concessions in return.

The song also boasts solid production – the team at Noatune Studios in Hackney have done a cracking job bringing this powerful indie rock song to life. The crashing drums, grizzly guitar riffs and slightly distorted vocals all come together perfectly.

Speaking on the EP, the band said: “Our debut EP, ‘Middle Ground,’ is an energetic addition to the indie rock landscape, reflecting on what we believe to be a pivotal transformation in our journey.

“After welcoming a new drummer last year, we re-recorded the entire EP, resulting in what we feel is a much more polished and electric collection that captures our revitalized sound.”

‘Middle Ground’ is also the title of the debut EP which is due on August 2nd. But before that, we will be graced with one more single – ‘See the Sun Go Down’ – so keep your eyes peeled for more info on The Division’s social media here.

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