Giant Killers drop their silky-smooth single ‘When This Time is Over’

Brighton-based songsmiths Giant Killers may have just released the indie gem of the year in ‘When This Time is Over’.

There’re plenty of great music duos that spring to mind. I mean, where to even begin? Lennon McCartney, Simon & Garfunkel, The Everly Brothers, Outkast and The White Stripes are (obviously) some bona fide classics. And then in the modern cannon there’re the likes of The Black Keys, Royal Blood and Daft Punk to name but a few. There’s an awful lot to be said for that Yin and Yang; those two equal and opposing forces that, when combined, create sonic splendour. So, meet Giant Killers, an essential artist to add to the dynamic duo list.

Giant Killers are an indie-pop songwriting duo consisting of Jamie Wortley (guitar, keys, lead vocals) and Michael Brown (bass, keys, brass, vocals). The Brighton & Hove pair released their critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Songs for the Small Places’, back in January. Despite being only one album deep, I must stress something – this album was released nearly three decades after they recorded it! Yep!

They were signed to MCA Records in 1995 where they released two singles, however the album never saw the light of day. It’s only now that the band have their rights back and the songs have been released from the vault. My point here is, Giant Killers aren’t exactly the new kids on the block. They’ve a rich and storied heritage; having opened for Blur on their Country House tour and toured with Dr Robert (Blow Monkeys) and Nick Heyward.

That brings us to today, and those three decades worth of knowledge, passion, experience and craft have been distilled into Giant Killer’s latest single ‘When This Time is Over’. This track featured on their recent EP of the same name and was the first single off their debut album.

‘When This Time is Over’ funnels shimmering acoustics, vibrant synths and stark lyricism into this crystalline indie pop beauty. There’s something vaguely familiar about this single, on first listen I was thinking “yeah this is proper The Cure”, but now (on my 100th listen) Wortley’s wistful melodies make me think of King’s of Convenience. As evident, I can’t really put my finger on Giant Killer’s sound; their 90’s influences unfurl into something unique altogether.

I particularly enjoy the vocals on this single, Wortley has an understated and flawless delivery, that feels so intimate. I got real chills when he delivers the line “… the feeling runs right through the pack.” It’s a niche reference, I know, but you’ll hear what I mean!

There’s also a music video to go with this single. On the video, Giant Killers said: “Shot live at the Teddy Rocks Festival in Dorset in May 2024, this video, the first from Giant Killers in 28 years, mixes live performance footage from the main stage, with multiple cameo appearances from festival goers front of stage, and adds in friends and fellow performers from the backstage areas.

“The overall result feels at once exultant and bitter-sweet in its celebration of the power of friendship and good times marked against the passage of time.”

On the single itself the duo said: “The song has a great back story; it was the first one we wrote as Giant Killers, and it was written on a guitar owned by Butch Vig…

“We picked it up in the hope his magic might rub off from his fingers and onto our musical endeavors.”  

It’s a lovely anecdote, but as far as I see it ‘When This Time is Over’ is an authentic endeavour because of Jamie Wortley and Michael Brown’s magic. But a Butch Vig guitar always helps!

Check out the music video to Giant Killer’s new single, ‘When This Time is Over’, below:

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