Midnight Repost dazzle us with dizzying synths and 80s pop

The Essex-based three-piece Midnight Repost dazzle us with their latest 80’s inspired offering ‘Blue Eyes’.

With any stellar track, there’s a fine balancing act to be done. The mix must be just so, the instrumental parts must neatly fit together like a jigsaw and the song itself must connect but also challenge… I could keep harping on here. But my point is, great songs don’t just happen, they’re delicately crafted. Well, three Essex lads may have just delicately crafted the song of the summer.

Midnight Repost is the brainchild of Liam Priestnall. Like many others, Liam was desperate for a creative outlet whilst being hemmed inside during 2020. So, when Liam wasn’t composing films, he was laying the foundations for his new project, Midnight Repost. In the years since, Liam has drafted in his good buddies Darius and Freddie, and the three piece have played gig after gig after gig, snowballing their way through the East’s alt-rock scene.

‘Blue Eyes’ arrives as the band’s latest standalone single, and it’s a showcase of everything that makes Midnight Repost the exciting band they’ve burgeoned into; a variety of musical genres, big energy and thoughtful lyricism that’s all neatly packaged together.

With Liam coming from a film background, I dare say he’s been influenced by the monumental ‘Drive’ soundtrack, because ‘Blue Eyes’ opens with dizzying atmospheric synths. The drums also have a real 80’s pop and snap to them and the dainty melodies that dance through the verses are like something out of the Matty Healey playbook. I mean, c’mon, I’ve referenced Drive and Matty Healy as references… now you simply need to check this tune out!

The bridge brings some funky and scratchy electric guitars into the fold. On first listen, I could tell that the bridge was a goodun, because I remember slightly shifting in my seat in anticipation for the chorus – that’s what a proper bridge is all about, right! The chorus lands without a hitch, it’s notably catchy and as a guitarist myself I really appreciate how the guitars take that less is more approach, giving Liam plenty of space to cram in as many hooks as humanly possible.

On the single, Midnight Repost said: “Blue Eyes is not just a song; it’s a statement…Fans old and new are invited to experience this latest offering, which promises to be a staple in [our] musical repertoire.”

The guy’s touch on something interesting there. Because, yes, it feels like a fan-serving single, but it most certainly ushers in new Midnight Repost devotees with its radio rock sensibilities. As much as anything, ‘Blue Eyes’ pays respect to Liam’s roots, but signposts to the band’s huge future to come. It’s one foot in the old camp and one in the new. It’s a considered step in a new direction. It’s brilliant.

Check out Midnight Repost’s latest single ‘Blue Eyes’, below:

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