French Mothers hit you with impactful and anthemic indie rock

Anthemic indie rockers French Mothers have returned with their stunning new single ‘Lovely Day To Die’. 

Hailing from Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire, the four-piece are following up on 2022’s debut EP ‘When The Night Comes’ which saw the band push their energising sound in a variety of styles. 

New single ‘Lovely Day To Die’ is arguably one of French Mother’s best work to date. The song’s powerful meaning is topped with its crystal production, solid rhythmic beat and sounding like an indie rock anthem for generations. 

A song for those drawn to the deep end, the band give depression the middle finger with their soon-to-be classic anthem for the lost and not found. 

Singer Mark Harris says: “This is a song about spending the day with a friend in the midst of struggling with identity and poor mental health. The mind can be rather impulsive and scary… You either go to Islington… or die. 

“We knew we were onto something special from the start with this song. With The Ox’s (drummer Joe Oxtoby) delicious opening drums, the song feels like an ode to The Strokes or Fontaines DC, and with all the components falling into place, we love the pace and aggression.”

The band really have hit the nail on with ‘Lovely Day To Die’, the song is an anthemic gem which stops you in your tracks and makes you pay attention to every detail. Produced by Sam Bloor at Lower Lane Studios, ‘Lovely Day To Die’ is the first release of a trio of songs recorded in those sessions that will be unveiled throughout the year. Discover more on French Mothers Facebook and Instagram.

Featured image by Amelia Rose Photography

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