An Interview with Winterstate

WINTERSTATE is led by singer-songwriter Kelvin Killmon (Seattle, WA) and multi-instrumentalist Alex Ortberg (Rochester, MN). The pair met as students at Berklee College of Music’s campus in Valencia, Spain and have continued to write and record new songs together inspired by feel-good bands like The Killers, Mae, Anberlin, Incubus and Foo Fighters. Read our full […]

Donnell Isaac – “Everyone Needs Love (feat. Sonny King)”

Donnell Isaac is an artist with a gorgeous R&B and Soul sound. His music is filled with personal experience and a heartwarming depiction of love and life. Most recently he has released a new single titled “Everyone Needs Love” featuring Sonny King. This song is the second single released from his upcoming project, Wine and […]

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Spare Room by Heir

Heir who hail from Leeds have returned with their new single Spare Room. The quintet never fail to encapsulate a real sense of joy on their music, and listening to this will give you some much welcome endorphins. Spare Room is the first of a 4 new releases as Heir prepare to drop an EP …

Argin Levin – Broken Hearts

Release Info/credits Written, performed, produced and mixed by Argin Levin. Mastered at Sage Audio Nashville, TN Release date: Sep 27, 2021. Song/album purchase link FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE | WEBSITE

Crawling Vines – “Vinyl on the Floor”

Spanning from shoegaze and funky psychedelia to hard rock, “Vinyl on the Floor” touts an eclectic rock sound, exemplifying the range and heady soundscapes from bedroom recording project Crawling Vines. “What is the recipe, for feeling so good, I don’t know the half of me,” the vocals commence alongside a glistening guitars. A darker guitar […]