Troy VanDusen – Sunrise – Single

Release Info/credits Composer: Troy Thomas VanDusen Song/album purchase link FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE 

Calm Lake – “Le Seltzer”

A new track from Montreal-based band Calm Lake, “Le Seltzer” struts a warmly melodic ’90s rock nostalgia within a jangly haze. There’s a poignant yearning in the lyrics and hazy vocal expression. “We’ve all had it rough last year, stuck in our bedrooms, afraid to be so near,” singer/songwriter Nikki Celis lets out, accompanied swiftly […]

Canary – “Love Me While You Can”

“Love Me While You Can” is the captivating debut single from Pennsylvania-based band Canary. The contemplative vocals and shimmering guitars lend a retro-pop feeling initially, gearing into more rock-friendly territory as the track progresses. The “standing at my door,” vocal bridge, traversing thereafter into rousing guitar work, conjures infectious ’90s nostalgia. The delectable title-referencing refrain […]