Tongg – “Smile Like A Sunbeam”

“Smile Like A Sunbeam” is the latest single from Tongg, a trio from Nottingham, England. Described as a song “about NOT putting on a fake face and remembering it’s ‘OK to not be OK,’” “Smile Like A Sunbeam” enamors with its fusing of playful synths, amiable vocals, and escalating guitar tones. An inviting introduction, propelled […]

My 98 Smile – “Golden Girl”

“Golden Girl” is an infectious rocker from My 98 Smile, a quickly ascending Nashville-based act crafting a no-frills brand of alt-rock. Pulsing guitar distortion and contemplative vocals build delightfully to the peppy bridge, culminating in the replay-inducing “there shoe goes, my golden girl,” chorus. There’s a power-pop breeziness to the reflective vocal ooh-ing, with the […]

Terry’s Paradise – “Dusty Rose”

Its hazy guitar jangles and rising vocal enthusiasm captivating, the new track “Dusty Rose” comes from Terry’s Paradise, the project of songwriter Sam Barber. The project will be releasing a new EP, Postmodern Doowop, of which “Dusty Rose” is part. Solemn vocals and mellow keys complement guitar pulses to start, with an understated charm. Barber’s […]


A recent trilogy of releases from San Francisco-based hip-hop artists RPxSB, the three-act CREATURES present a consuming sound with atmospheric beats and thought-provoking lyrical content. The trilogy dropped over the past few weeks; Act I released on August 26th, Act II on September 2nd, and Act III on September 9th — all via the artist’s […]

Introducing: Amelie Jat – Faking Parties

If you’re like most people, then you probably know what it’s like to have a crush. From the initial uncertainty of wondering if they like you back, to the excitement of feeling those first butterflies in your stomach, to getting flustered and coming up with any and every excuse to not take things to the…