Venice Heath – “Different”

Guitar twangs and lush synth intertwining build a climactic spell on “Different,” the latest single from London-based artist Venice Heath. The track precedes the artist’s debut EP, Summernight, releasing on Friday (May 19th). Per the artist, the track “follows the overarching nostalgic theme of the EP, and it gives a second chance to the unspoken feelings I carry from my teenage years.” Strutting a peppy fusing of psychedelic and modern indie pop, “Different” embraces illuminated guitars and spritzy analog synths alike. The polished production rides on the steady synth pulsations and looser guitar adornments to start, building faultlessly into the

bobrosia – “All Is Undone”

A recent track from Phoenix-based artist bobrosia, “All Is Undone” proves magnetic with its fluttering, fantasy-like qualities. Breezy piano additions and dreamily immersive plucking complement a caressing vocal underlying, moving with patience and elegance. Past the four-minute mark, the instrumentation builds like a gentle gust of wind, culminating in a finale fully embracing of the soaring, dreamy gentleness. The frolicking classical harp-laden elegance and playful percussive droplets sound fit for green pastures and a sense of adventure; this sounds like it would be an ideal fit on the OST for the newly released The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the

Lump200 – “Cex” (feat. Els Vandeweyer)

First catching our ears with the creatively eclectic and atmospheric single “Kryptomarch” in December, Berlin-based artist Lump200 again struts a brilliantly unpredictable appeal with “Cex.” Featuring Els Vandeweyer on prepared vibraphone, “Cex” proves enjoyably unsettling with its flashing vocal samples, marimba-like trickling, and buzzing synth effects. Wordless vocal expressions and enveloping, spacey synth resonance casts ample intrigue to start. A thumping percussive escalation and murky textures round the first minute turn, as the trickling keys emerge with a wintry enigma. A gargling ambience kickstarts the final minute, where the creaky percussion and spacey synths converge for a final, stimulating atmospheric

Flemish in the North – “Jonathan Ames”

Following the energetic rocker “Snow Crocs,” Virginia-based act Flemish in the North show their second single as embracing of a more contemplative, folk-minded sound. A narratively descriptive first half stirs amidst the understated guitar and crisp vocals, building into a soaring second half with enduring appeal. “Jonathan Ames” begins with an acoustical backing and lyrics reflecting a traversal through New York, through a “dive bar after dark,” and a special sort of connection. The “Brooklyn,” expansion enamors with the piano-laden glistening and percussive addition, kickstarting a more expansive second half. The literary-inspired setting/themes and ardent folk-driven escalation makes for another

Jett Jenkins – “Someone Special”

Poignantly capturing the pain of a faltering friendship, “Someone Special” is a moving pop track from Brooklyn-based artist Jett Jenkins. Retro-minded guitar swipes and lush vocal contemplation builds into starry-eyed synths during the enamoring chorus, admitting “thought you were someone, someone special to me.” The build from the morose vocals and guitar reflections, into the dreamy synth tones, plays with a seamless cohesion. “There is not hatred, but rather growing apart and the pain that comes with that,” Jenkins says of the experience, wherein a friendship begins to fade. The “what I wish I had,” sequence also catches with the